​Sabirah Islam

“Creating attraction for simplest things with words is my passion.”

​This is Sabirah Islam, a freelance content writer, editor, proofreader, and SEO Professional. I have started freelance writing since 2013. In the beginning, the writing is like a hobby to me.​​​​

Sabirah Islam - Content Writer

​At the middle of 2015, I have finally decided to take writing as my career. My freelance writing career starts with blog writing for a UK based renowned website. Since then I have worked with a number of projects.

​My expertise includes writing for a wide variety of fields which makes me highly experienced for presenting even the simplest thing in an appealing way. I have written contents for IT service, image editing, Amazon Affiliate, Guest Posting, Small business, food industry, recreation, Sports, Wikipedia, Medical, and many other fields.

​Like all freelance content writers, I also have a comfort zone. If it comes to writing an Affiliate Product review, my clients’ say that I am the best. I have worked for a number of affiliate projects which includes bicycles, traveling, pet care, furniture, fashion items, pillow, baby products, outdoor recreation, kayak, etc.

​Keeping myself up to date with the current preference of Google makes my writing happy to my clients by attracting their target audience. I provide SEO friendly copies to my clients. Natural keyword placement is an art, which makes it enjoyable to the reader. I understand its value and writes naturally rather stuffing the keywords.

​I am very much familiar with writing technical documents like a portfolio, business proposal, contract agreement, privacy policy, concept papers, etc.

​As a professional freelance content writer, I have edited assignments and thesis paper of various European, American, and Australian universities. My writing and editing include topics from computer science, medicine, or pharmaceutical sciences. I am familiar with Harvard, APA, and MLA styles. I have also rewritten a few assignments after coming query from the Professors.

​Grammatical correctness is not only an SEO ranking factor for Google but also a factor for audience satisfaction. I am committed to providing high-quality informative contents with zero grammatical mistakes. Plagiarism is another important Google ranking factor. I have never provided a plagiarized copy to my clients which can damage their website or cause failure in their exam.

​Loyalty towards my works makes me trustworthy to my clients. Providing high quality researched content with the compliance of all the requirements make the clients satisfied.

​I believe providing highly researched informative works that can make my clients happy. My belief and honest service bring success to me.

​In educational life, I have completed my MSC in Computer Science and Engineering.